Monday Morning Photo Prompt: 11/14/11

The Assignment:
Write a piece (poetry, prose, whatever) based on the picture below.

The Deadline:
Before the next Monday Photo Prompt is posted.

(Everyone’s invited! Tell your friends!)


  1. Hee hee. Too young to have wrinkles.

  2. hope it's not an ad for wrinkle cream!

  3. Man #1: Why did you put up the banner like that? It's all crooked and wrinkled!

    Man #2: I have my reasons.

    M#1: They better be good damn reasons!

    M#2: That girl... is my ex-wife. And, her holding all that money, reminds me of how much alimony I give her. I got angry. I couldn't take it. Now, she looks wrinkled and ugly with that money. . . .

    M#1: Oh dude, sorry I didn't know.

    M#2: It's okay. I should fix it... I'm sorry I let my personal problems effect my work.

    M#1: No No no, I have an ex-wife too. I understand... Hey, you know what?

    M#2: What?

    M#1: Let's go put a mustache and beard on her too...

    M#2: YEAH!



  4. Nicely done, Kateri. Thanks for playing!


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