Where Were You In '69?

Eric, circa 1969


  1. O.M.G. You were crazy cute, Eric!

    PS - I was minus four in '69. :P

  2. what a cutie! where was I in '69??? Um, you are going to kill me, but I didn't yet exist :)

  3. I was old enough to boss you around by a few years I'd say. You've mischievous eyes!!!! And the fisted hands! Love those. I've a pair.

  4. love, i commented on this already. moderating gone haywire?
    what i SAID was: what a cute little boy you were! i could eat you for breakfast! (er, your little boy self anyway)
    and i most especially love how you have your trousers all hiked up. so cute.
    i believe i also said that i hope you still wear suits like that. and bow ties. that suit is linen! men should wear more linen short-pants suits. you could wear a nice crisp straw hat, too. dapper!
    okay, moderate my ass! ha!


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