1. Reminded me of a poem I had written a long time ago:

    "The butterfly has flown away
    And now the memories remain
    The colours of her wings
    Still etched in his mind's eye
    The butterfly has flown away
    Fluttering with the wind
    Flapping her wings, hard
    Leaving behind a sad smile
    Yet, she remembers
    That time she sat on his fingertip
    Yet, she remembers
    That fleeting moment when she stayed still
    Then the gust of wind came
    Her wings caught that drift
    And she was blown away
    She flew away
    Leaving behind tiny vortices of wingtip powder
    Falling gently on that fingertip
    That still stayed still
    Till the memories settled down
    And he held on to that wingtip powder
    Remembering the memories of that fleeting moment"

    Thanks for the memories!

    Arnab Majumdar on ScribbleFest.com

  2. I tried so hard to capture a butterfly the other day with my zoom lense, but no sooner did I have in in my sights, it would flutter out of frame.


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